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Expand Your Business Space without the Stress by Choosing Our Relocatable Office Accommodation


Eco Cosy Cabins specialises in designing and engineering relocatable office accommodations. We build highly sustainable relocatable offices that leave minimal impact on the environment.. With our relocatable office accommodation, you can expand your work space comfortably.


Suppliers of Modular Cabins for Additional Work Space


Eco Cosy Cabins is one of the leading relocatable office cabin buildings and suppliers in Perth and WA. We have 20+ years of in-house experience in the cabin design and engineering industry, As a leading provider of modular cabins, we can guarantee quality and satisfaction in creating additional workspaces


With extensive experience and industry knowledge, we are confident in providing quality, cost-effective, and a timely supply of relocatable office cabin designs. All Eco Cosy Cabin designs at are 100% West Australian and you can be confident about buying highly sustainable, and premium quality relocatable office cabins at a cost-effective rate.

Quality Relocatable Office Accommodation


Relocatable offices are changing the way businesses expand and operate. Such building solutions allow small businesses to expand their reach and grow exponentially without stressing about the limited space. Our relocatable office accommodations are preferred by commercial market and large-scale architecture firms. All relocatable office designs can be tailored according to business or designing project needs. Our highly sustainable tier-one quality relocatable office cabins can withstand various outside elements on-site – from being exposed to external elements to relocation to a specific place on truck beds.


Along with spacious office rooms, business owners can consider integrating additional options – such as solar PV panels – to reduce overhead costs, enjoy clean-sourced energy, and generate power. Our super quick and innovative office cabin construction system ensures you can expand and start your new business operations within 3 months of ordering the accommodation from us!


Want to buy a relocatable office cabin but running short on funds? Don’t worry! We strive to provide quality cabin building and designing solutions at a cost-effective rate. In fact, our relocatable office cabins are one of the most affordable building options available on the market! We commit to delivering highly energy-efficient and affordable office cabin building solutions that ensure you get the best value for your money.


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Relocatable Office Buildings for Sale


When choosing a relocatable office building for your business expansion, always identify the intent and purpose of purchase. While most small businesses buy relocatable offices to accommodate their current employees, others purchase them to expand their business operations. Apart from determining the purpose of the purchase, you should also your average spend on relocatable office buildings. We understand that choosing the appropriate relocatable office building based on your budget and purpose can be stressful. Consequently, we offer you a range of instant relocatable office solutions and design options.


All relocatable office buildings by Eco Cosy Cabins are designed to ensure overall comfort to those working inside. Our relocatable office buildings are constructed from quality Blu Scope Australian steel and built with local and imported building materials. These office accommodations come with Australian compliance energy efficiency certification. Our experienced team of designers, engineers, manufacturing, and construction specialists share their expertise in building relocatable office buildings. We work together to create a value-engineered office cabin design that best fits your budget and business requirements.


With Eco Cosy Cabins, you receive the assurance of value, speed in delivery, and a commitment to deliver highly sustainable and quality-made relocatable office space on time at a cost-effective rate. We provide you with the assurance of quality material used and timely delivery. Have peace of mind knowing your project is in trusted hands.


Why You Should Invest in a Relocatable Office?


1. To Expand Your Business
From small businesses to medium enterprises to large organizations, every business aims for success and growth. Although growth is quantitative to numbers, most businesses consider operation expansion as their actual business growth. However, business expansion means creating more space for new employees and carrying out other operations. Buying or renting a specific office space can be expensive. Instead of increasing your overhead costs, you should invest in a fully equipped relocatable office building. With relocatable office buildings, you can easily provide room for your company to grow in minimal downtime and expand exponentially.


2. For Better Sustainability
Most business owners will agree on how massive energy bills take a hit on their budget. However, to ensure smooth and clear operations, businesses need a constant power supply. One of the major benefits of choosing a relocatable office building is obtaining low energy bills and enjoying a constant power supply. You can go off-grid and save maximum on your electricity bills by integrating an additional feature – a solar PV panel.


3. For Easy Location Change
Similar to business expansion, your company may need to relocate somewhere to expand the team and increase operations in a particular location. Relocatable office buildings allow you to change the location of your company and fit into a strategic location. You can expand or relocate your business like a piece of cake!


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