Frequently asked questions

Does the WA State Government $20K Building Grant apply to Eco Cosy Cabins?

Depending on the type of land you plan to build on, and the use of your Eco Cosy Cabin, the $20K WA Government Building Bonus may be applicable. The WA  Government grant can only be assessed via direct application by individuals, however Eco Cosy Cabins can assist you with the application process.

How much are Eco Cosy Cabins?

Eco Cosy Cabins have a range of design options starting from AUD $28,000 + GST for a Studio cabin shell.

How long does a Cabin take to build?

This depends on your cabin selected, finishes and how much labour you have available. For example, the one bedroom one bathroom can be erected to lock up stage within 5 days of delivery to site. Electrical, plumbing, internal fit out and finishing includes owner selected materials and will require additional time.

Can I build a Cabin myself?

To save you money, our cabins have been specifically designed and modularised to allow a handyman owner to self-construct with your own labour aided by reference to our construction video and drawings. Electrical and plumbing works require licensed tradespeople to install and certify. We can recommend experienced trades or you can choose your own suppliers.

I don’t have time to build myself, can you construct the cabin for me?

Absolutely. We can assist with a complete Cabin build for you from design, permit application, delivery, construction, trades and finishes. By employing the trades direct under our project management, you can have an optimised cost-effective professional build.

What makes your Cabins ‘Eco’ friendly?

Eco Cosy Cabins have been specifically engineered to meet the highest Australian building compliances and fire-retardant specifications. Our designs include optional solar panels, macerated toilets and rainwater collection for self-sufficient lifestyles. Our cabins are built from the highest quality materials to last and integrate with the Australian environment.

How do I connect to power and water?

Following site-specific trades advice, you simply connect the sewerage, water and power supply once the construction is complete. Solar panel options are available.

How is Cabin sewerage managed?

Site specific dependent on location, a Macerated Sewerage pump system can be installed or the historical direct connected system can be used.

Can my Cabin be moved if I move property?

Yes, each Eco Cosy Cabin can be partially dismantled for reassembly elsewhere, or simply picked up and relocated as needed.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Finance and payment plans are available, contact for further details.

Can I see a display Cabin?

Yes we have display cabins for inspection, contact to arrange viewing.

What is included in a Standard Eco Cosy Cabin?

  • Free delivery within 100kms of Perth GPO.
  • Free technical/construction advice for 2 days
  • Simple and easy to follow Instruction drawings.
  • All building components:
    • Prefabricated steel frames
    • Insulation
    • Cladding
    • All bolts, adhesive and construction materials
    • Windows
    • Doors with turnkey locks
  • Six-year 100% free material replacement period for all supplied materials.
  • Lifetime structural guarantee for all supplied structural elements

Can I customise my Cabin? What options are available?

Each Cabin includes a variety of fit out options which can be customised. We can work with you to make sure your design best suits your needs and budget. Options include:

  • Solar Power optional
  • Solar hot water optional
  • Cladding Options:
    • Hardie plank™ Woodgrain 230mm external cladding
    • Corrugated Iron Custom profile
    • Water Cut Profile [Imitation Rock]
    • Brick Veneer
  • Wet areas and other flooring, vinyl or tile options
  • All general floor area options vinyl or tiled, with carpet bedroom option.
  • Double glazed windows and sliding doors
  • Optional insulation upgrade from standard 3 – 4 star to 6 star

What Australian building standards does an Eco Cosy Cabin meet?

Eco Cosy Cabins meet all necessary general Australian Compliance Certifications including

  • Thermal Star Rating Certification – Site and building orientation specific
  • Fire retardant material certification – standard test time specific
  • Structural certification -Building specific available
  • Electrical Certification – Site Specific owner choice
  • Plumbing Certification – Site Specific owner choice

Each building a unique identification number, ensuring its quality and provenance.

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