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The Claremont Studio
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Best value, self-built modular cabins.

With over 20 years’ experience in Australian cabin design and engineering, Eco Cosy Cabins delivers the best value for money in Australian cabin construction. Our vision is to provide the most cost effective, high-quality self-built housing solutions to suit all urban and rural settings in Australia.


Whether you are looking to accommodate family members or increase your business potential with fully equipped accommodation options, Eco Cosy Cabins has the solution you’re looking for.


We specialise in the supply of flat pack Building designs made from the highest quality Australian steel and mixed local and imported building materials. Designed, certified and built here in WA, Eco Cosy Cabins includes Australian compliance certification and

– due to our ingenious component design – can be constructed in a fraction of the time traditional builds can take.


All our cabins have been engineered for ecological integration in the Australian environment. This means the Australian rural and urban environments have been fully considered in the design process and we’re proud to produce products which are built to last, meeting strict Australian building requirements. Each Eco Cosy Cabin design has options for solar power, macerated toilets and rainwater collection.


Build yourself or let us assist you through every step of the process, from feasibility studies, local council approvals, floor plans, finishes, construction and fit out. Eco Cosy Cabins is the cost effective and quality building solution you’re looking for.

Why Choose Us?

20+ Years of Experience in Cabin Designing

Cabins Designed, Built, and Certified in WA

Cabins Built in Less Than 3 Months

Cost-Effective and Sustainable Cabins

Tailored Self-Housing Solution

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Sustainable and Affordable Eco Cabins


Build an Energy-Efficient Living Space in Minimum Construction Time by Choosing Our Eco Kit Cabins


Eco Cosy Cabins allow you to experience sustainable living by providing the most cost-effective, high-quality self-built housing solutions throughout Perth. Our eco-cabin constructions are suitable for all urban and rural settings in Australia. Having 20+ years of experience in Australian cabin design and engineering, you can trust us to build a highly-functional cabin that delivers the best value for your money.


Choose your cosy cabin and call us on 1300 326 267 to discuss a floor plan!

About Eco Cosy Cabins


Eco Cosy Cabins is an innovative cabin design and engineering company specialising in building sustainable and affordable self-built housing solutions. For more than 20 years, Eco Cosy Cabin has been revolutionising the cabin design and engineering industry by delivering premium quality architect cabin designs that leave minimal impact on the environment at an affordable cost. We have been a significant contributor to the sustainable housing revolution and designed more than a thousand modular building systems that commit to green living. We integrate the latest technologies and design ideas to allow individuals to build their housing system without complications and completely stress-free. From designing comfortable cabin accommodation in Perth to constructing a one-bedroom cabin design, we have managed and completed multiple cabin design and engineering projects in Perth. You can trust Eco Cosy Cabins to build a create extra space for you, your guest, or your extended family.

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Custom-Made Eco Cabins in Australia


Whether you want to accommodate your family members or need space to extend your business potential, Eco Cosy Cabins can assist you.. We understand that each cabin design may require changes and consequently, we offer a tailored solution to anyone looking to extend their accommodation for family or business.


We also specialise in supplying flat-pack building designs made from the highest quality Australian steel and mixed with local plus imported building materials. All Eco Cosy Cabins are designed, built, and certified in WA. Each cabin includes an ingenious component design, Australian compliance certification and can be built within a fraction of the time!

Trusted Eco Cabin Company in Perth


Eco Cosy Cabins has established a long-term reputation as a leading builder and supplier of cost-effective cabins in Western Australia. Our modular cabins are easy to construct and offer a long-term housing solution, making them perfect for those looking to accommodate family members or expand their business without burning a hole in their pockets. We have been developing self-housing modular building systems for the last 20 years.


We strive for perfection and implementation of the latest technological development in the cabin design and engineering industry. Our cost-effective and high-quality self-built housing solutions are popular among Perth residents. All self-housing solutions are suitable for various urban and rural settings, ensuring greater feasibility. We use state of the art building materials to design and construct our cabins.


Our ecologically integrated cabins are designed to sustain the Australian environment. We have thoroughly considered the Australian rural and urban environments while designing and building cabins. Our cabins are built to last and meet necessary stringent Australian building requirements. Each Eco Cosy Cabin design offers you additional integration options for solar power, macerated toilets, and rainwater collection.


You can build the cabin yourself or consider our assistance. We will assist you through the entire cabin designing building process – from feasibility studies, local council approvals, floor plans, finishes to construction and fit-out.
Trust Eco Cosy Cabins to offer you cost-effective and quality building solutions.


cabin 2 bed (3)

Eco Cabins for Sale


Eco Cosy Cabins offer a comprehensive range of eco-cabins for sale in WA for various purposes – from building a space for your extended family to using it as a commercial business set up for expansion. Our cabins for sale range from a small cabin module – the Claremont Studio at 12.5 sq m up to the largest standard building – the Esperance at an impressive 58 sq m. One of the best parts of our eco-cabins? You can customise them according to your needs! You can also add a selection of options – from solar PV panels to rainwater collection systems. Our expert designer has created an innovative system that ensures rapid cabin building and construction. You could be living in your new cabin or start expanding your business within 3 months from ordering!


Whether you want to buy our petite eco-cabins to create a workspace or for a studio room, the modular cabins will ensure all your needs are met. There is also an option of choosing one, two, or three-bedroom cabins.

Ready to Build Your Own Eco Cosy Cabin?


You can self-assemble your own cabin or if you wish to take advantage of our services, we will assist with completing the required paperwork for local council approvals, feasibility studies and any amendments to the floorplan


From understanding your requirements to handing over the entire module, we will be with you in every step. You can choose from one of our cabin designs or customize a them according to your needs. If you want to know more about our cabins call us on 1300 326 267 or email today.


Eco Cosy Cabins is happy and confident working with Cliff Forster of Westcorp Capital who provide tailor made financing options to our valued customers.
 Westcorp Capital are market leaders in the Innovative Cabin Design financing sector, Adept at providing competitive funding options from their extensive lender’s panel of over 30 Banks and Lending Institutions.
Cliff and the team at Westcorp are committed to providing expert Service coupled with Ultra – Competitive financing options for your Eco Cosy Cabin purchase.
  For an informal conversation you can reach Cliff on his mobile number 0414 224 305 and he will be delighted to answer any questions and provide you with tailor made financing options to suit your requirements and budget.
 Please contact Cliff on his mobile 0414 224 305 or email

At Eco Cosy Cabins, we have a comprehensive range of cabins for sale in Western Australia, including modular cabins built in Perth. Our clients choose our eco cabins for various reasons; some want a work out space, others a workspace, play space, music room or even a student room. If you need more space, perhaps for a spare room, then our optional self-built modular cabins could be your ideal solution. On our website, you will see our range of 1-, 2- or 3-bedroom cabins.


If you are looking for some extra space to accommodate visitors, a growing family or for some quiet space from where you can run a business or simply a break out room to relax in, then Eco Cosy Cabins in Perth are almost certain to have the solution that you seek.


With decades of experience behind us as cabins builders in Perth, we are the foremost specialists in supplying self build eco cabins and modular cabins in Perth, providing tailored solutions for every circumstance. With a selection of flat pack cabins available in WA ranging in size from 12.5 to 58m2 with countless customisable options that can include environmentally friendly solar panels and rainwater collection systems, you are sure to find one of our cabin designs in Perth that is perfect for you.


Furthermore, our eco cabin designers in Perth have developed a range of cabins that have minimal impact on the environment, present a highly affordable option and can be ready to be moved into as little as 3 months after placing your order. We can help you every step of the way, from the design, fitting and aesthetics of you cabin to the supply and building of it, but should you have the expertise, you could be the proud owner of one of our self-built modular cabins in Perth.


Our catalogue of cabins for sale in Perth now provide the best solution when extra living or working space is required; let us meet all of your needs for cabins in Perth.


We have over 20 years in house experience in cabin design in WA, having established a reputation for quality, timely supply and offering cost-effective product. Everything we manufacture is 100% WA construction, so you can be confident that we are a leading eco cabin designers in Perth. Our optional self-build eco cabins come as flat pack cabins supplied ex Perth, and our range of cabins can be delivered nationwide. Our cabins are suitable and adaptable for an extensive range of purposes and represent excellent value for money.


At Eco Cosy Cabins, we have established a reputation as a leading supplier of cost-effective cabins in Western Australia, and are trusted as cabins builders in Perth and around Australia. Our product is suitable for both urban and rural settings. Our modular cabins are easy to construct, giving you a long-term, cost-effective Eco Cabin solution. They are perfect for anyone looking to accommodate extra family members or businesses looking to expand without breaking the bank.


Our optional self-built modular cabins are made with the highest quality Blu Scope Australian steel purposefully constructed with local and imported building materials. Our modular flat pack cabins come complete with Australian compliance energy efficiency certification and can be erected in a fraction of the time of alternative builds. As eco cabin designers in Perth, we understand the standards, the Australian climate, and associated compliance regulations so our cabins builders have your comfort very much in mind.


As you would imagine, our cabins in are available with optional solar power, rainwater collection and if required macerated toilet systems to meet Australia’s strict building regulations. We can provide a turn key solution, help you to construct your cabin, or you can do it all yourself. We provide all the documentation necessary and will work closely with you, planning and liaising with local councils, conducting feasibility studies and providing the relevant floor plans and information on the finishes. You will find our team friendly, efficient and professional and on hand to answer any questions you may have.


Modular cabins in Perth are one of the most practical ways to provide additional accommodation, offices or workshops. At Eco Cosy Cabins, we are experienced cabin builders with a professional team continually working on cabin design. When you browse our website, you will see examples of our cabins for sale in Perth, including the option of self-built modular cabins. It may give you some ideas about what you may require, or alternatively, you could discuss your needs with one of our Perth based cabin designers.


Demand for self-build Eco Cabins in Perth has been increasing thanks to the fact that they can be easily assembled and be available quickly. Our Eco Cabins have been carefully designed to meet your needs, and we are continuously discussing the needs of clients to improve our range and make small changes where necessary.


We are a customer orientated company, and at Eco Cosy Cabins, we want to manufacture cabins in that don’t just match your expectations but exceed them. Our flat pack cabins in Perth make the ideal home or temporary home and can be fitted with all the mod cons you may need, including washing machines, showers, bathroom facilities, and entertainment. Of course, air conditioning for accommodation units is recommended, but they all come with a minimum 6-star energy efficiency rating.


Eco Cosy Cabins, based in Perth are industry leaders in the field of self-built flat pack modular cabins, supplying product not only in WA but all over Australia. Whether you are looking for a solution for affordable extra living space, a working area or a studio we have what you need.


Our choice of cabins for sale in Perth ranges from our smallest single module, the Claremont Studio at 12.5 sq m up to our largest standard building, the Esperance at an impressive 58 sq m. However, every one of our eco cabins are customisable and come with a great selection of options, including solar panels and rainwater collection systems, that will ensure we can provide the right cabin for you.  Our design team at Eco Cosy Cabins have developed an innovative system that facilitates super quick construction – you could be living in your new cabin as soon as 3 months after ordering.


On top of that, as a standard part of our service we can offer free delivery, a couple of days technical assistance to get your project started and all the construction materials or components with any drawings that you might require.  And if you don’t have the time to complete the build yourself, our team of Perth based cabin builders can complete that for you too.


We only use the best quality materials in our flat pack cabins and with full confidence we offer a lifetime guarantee on all structural elements of our cabins.

Whatever your reason for needing extra space, Perth based Eco Cosy Cabins can offer the convenient and affordable solution that you have been looking for. As well as ranging in size from 12.5 sq m to 58 sq m our self-build eco cabins are customisable allowing you to create the perfect new environment for living, working or leisure.


From the external cladding which is available in a choice of 4 distinct looks, to a selection of vinyl, tile and carpet floor coverings, wet areas and optional solar power, fittings and finishing, the choice is yours.


You can also choose how much, or little of the construction you would like to take on. After the delivery of you flat pack cabin – which is free in WA within 100km of Perth – you can take advantage of 2 free days of technical and construction help to get you started on your self build project or you can opt to leave the whole job up to us.


Our team of Eco Cabin designers in Perth have come up with a cabin design that is easy enough for the home handyman to construct, and our accompanying diagrams and videos will guide you through every stage of the process.


To help you make your choice, why not come and inspect some of our self-built modular cabins at our base here in Perth? Whether you are looking for cabins for sale or the premier cabin builders in Perth you can count on Eco Cosy Cabins.


Choose Eco Cosy Cabins to supply your new modular cabin today.


If you would like more information on our cabins, modular cabins in Western Australia, cabin design in Perth, or flat pack cabins in WA, we would be delighted to hear from you. You can call us on 1300 326 267, email or alternatively, you can contact us directly via our website.  We look forward to hearing from you and being of further assistance, and helping to satisfy your eco cabins needs.


For over 20 years Eco Cosy Cabins have been producing and supplying cabins for sale in Perth, and have now established ourselves as the foremost eco cabin designers and builders in Perth. Our customisable flat pack cabins have been providing extra accommodation or office space around Perth and Western Australia in both urban and rural settings in an both an affordable and sustainable manner.


Cabins that range in size from a compact 12.5 m2 to 57 m2, provide supreme functionality whilst maintaining an aesthetic appeal and are extremely popular with growing families looking for some extra accommodation as well as for businesses that seek accommodation solutions or a little more office space.


Our self build eco cabins can be constructed in Perth in as little as 5 days (for the most basic model) and no longer than 3 months – our unique cabin design providing the most rapid assembly in Perth. And our service goes beyond just supplying your cabin; we are happy to assist you with all aspects of acquiring your new modular cabins in Perth, from design customisations, permits, construction, connecting utilities and providing finishes, we can provide as much or as little hep as you need.


And should your circumstances change, our cabins can be easily relocated to alternative sites after commissioning and use, providing even greater levels of flexibility for you or your business.


With a 6-year warranty on all materials supplied and a life time structural guarantee you know that you can rely upon our self built modular cabins in Perth.


Need accommodation is a hurry?  We can provide a Cosy Cabin, on site complete within 3 months* of an agreement for what you need. No materials shortage, Flatpack to optimise build time.


Self-built modular cabins are an increasingly popular solution when extra living or office space is required, and at Cosy Cabins here in Perth we are catering for this growing need. With a selection of flat pack options for sale across Perth and WA ranging in size from 12.5 m2 to in excess of 50 m2 we provide affordable and flexible options that can be fully functional in a fraction of the time a traditional build requires.


Our team of eco cabin designers and cabin builders have developed innovative modular cabins, here in Perth, which can be assembled by a reasonably competent handyman, but if you don’t have the time or to assemble your cabin, we can take care of that for you. Furthermore, you can individualise your cabin with a range of options for the fit out giving you a truly unique finish. From the addition of solar panels to installing double glazing and sliding doors, choices of floor coverings and exterior claddings you can personalise your cabin design.


At Eco Cosy Cabins we use only the highest quality materials that are fully compliant with national standards and codes to ensure the longevity of your self build eco cosy cabin, in the harsh WA climate. And with little effort your cabin can be relocated should you find yourself in the position to move home or office.


Call us today to discuss your preferred cabin design that will enhance your home or property in Perth.


At Eco Cosy Cabins, a Perth based enterprise, we have been supplying a range of self-build modular cabins to our clients in Perth and elsewhere in Australia for over 20 years. Catering to a growing need for increased living and working spaces that are not only affordable but environmentally sustainable, our selection of flat pack cabins in WA are a popular solution when it comes to providing extra bedrooms for family or guests, a space to work from home – or even a chill out space.


With a range of cabin sizes from a compact 12.5 sqm cabin to a two, three or four bedroomed, 57 sqm + cabin with customisable options on layout, flooring, cladding, tinted double glazing the addition of solar power and more, there is sure to be an option that meets your requirements.


As well as being a cost-effective solution our self-build eco cabins in Perth offer convenience and flexibility – without issues, a new cabin can be connected to all utilities and fully operational, within 3 months of you confirming your order. And as premier cabins builders in Perth, using only the highest quality materials and highly skilled and experienced labour, we back up our product and workmanship with a full statutory warranty on all building materials used, plus a life time structural guarantee, that affords you absolute peace of mind.


When you are looking for cabins for sale in Perth and require stylish and functional cabin design to complement your lifestyle – and budget in Perth, look no further than Eco Cosy Cabins.


Expanding the physical size of your home or business has never been more readily accessible, or affordable thanks to Eco Cosy Cabins, Perth, where for over two decades, we have been supplying self-build, flat pack eco cabins to our customers in Perth and WA.


Our range of modular cabins for sale in Perth range from the compact studio with a footprint of 12.5m2 which may be ideal as an occasional extra bedroom, to the highly impressive top of the range, two bedroomed cabin with a total living area of 58m2. And if you need the extra space in a hurry, our unique cabin design means that you could have your new cabin constructed and ready to use in Perth in as little as three months.


Furthermore, all of our self-built modular cabins in Perth are built to the highest of standards with top quality materials, and are of course fully compliant with all Australian building regulations, to ensure that your cabin will give you many years of excellent service. And with options of solar power, rainwater collection and macerated toilets, our cabin builders in Perth have ensured that our collection of eco cabins in Perth have a minimal negative impact upon the environment.


When you are looking for customisable cabins for sale in Perth and want to be sure that you are dealing with the very best eco cabin designers and suppliers in Perth, do not hesitate to make contact with us at Eco Cosy Cabins, specialist in producing cost effective and sustainable cabins.